• WANGS (map)
  • 3317 N Broadway St
  • Chicago, IL, 60657
  • United States

This week's Opium Den with Club Culo is brought to you by Justin Ignatius Mitchell

Performing under the moniker Swaguerrilla, Justin's aesthetic is motivated by a passion for the dance floor and a tireless pursuit of new club experiences. Drawing from the sleek industrial futurism of The Banjee Report to the histories of dance floors past and present, Swag has teamed up with Wangs to produce an intimate night of dance music and live performance. 








"Chicago artist Jack Collier has dreamt up a twisted pop star whose lo-fi music treads with the quality of a heartbreaking, fuzzy nightmare. Like the final scene of a grainy horror film where the seductive protagonist gets murdered during a foggy, strobe-lit disco,Chemise Cagoule builds a bridge between terror and glamour, pop aesthetics and punk intentions."


Hear Justin's mixtape: Love and Sacrifice

Cover $5